Catherine’s adventure

LEJOG HARDCORE Stage 16 (16)

Whilst being support crew on LEJOG Hardcore makes no sporting physical demands, you should still be prepared to become tired. You may miss home and being able to ‘do your own thing’. If the truth be told, there were times when I questioned why I had chosen to spend my summer holidays sitting in a car for 3 weeks. I faltered in my commitment to the project at times and did find it hard to motivate myself on some days. I was not prepared for how long the days felt and how alone I felt much of the time.

However, this was greatly outweighed by the epic trail. The scenery I was treated to was truly mesmerizing. I made several U-turns, especially in the Cairngorms, just to stop and take in the views. The climbs were exhilarating too – Bealach Na Ba, Wrynose Pass, and Hardknott Pass are exciting enough in a car!

Added to this is the anticipation of seeing your loved one (my brother, in my case) at the top of these iconic climbs. I constantly felt in awe of his determination and superhuman cycling. Helping your cyclist to complete this challenge will be a proud moment. It was something very special for me. I would do it again because, for all my moans and gripes, it was worth it.

A minor point, I would recommend staying in youth hostels as often as possible. I never thought eating out would be such hard work. It’s nice to cook a meal and prepare food for the next day. It was also great to meet and talk to other people in the hostels.


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